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Ballin’ on a budget


The Metallic package is designed for teams that are looking for a cost effective way to outfit your team in uniform, high quality, JT gear.


Teams that purchase All In packages will receive a discount on paint at each national event. The discount amount is based on the packages your team purchases.

Teams that purchase All In packages and finish 1st or 2nd at a national event will receive a contingency for the paint purchased at that event. 100% of the paint you purchased will be credited back if you finish 1st and 50% if you place 2nd. You must wear all of your sponsored gear and shoot Empire paint throughout that event in order for contingencies to be applied.

New for 2016, Empire has partnered up with the largest regional series around the world to offer our sponsored teams an added discount on paint as well as a contingency for winning the series titles. This prize is only applicable to specified Empire sponsored tournament series and to earn this, you must be at least a Silver sponsored team, wearing all your sponsored gear, and shoot Empire paint throughout that series.

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Empire Vanquish

Empire Vanquish

Empire All In Sponsorship Program Video

Empire ALL IN Sponsorship

Empire Evil Paint

Empire Paint “Evil”

Empire EFlex Goggles

Empire EFlex Goggles

Everything Included

JT® Paintball ProFlex
The JT Proflex LE systems are built for the professional and are hands down “the most comfortable goggle system in the world.” Built on a timeless design, the Proflex goggle provides superior face protection using JT’s unique insert molding technology giving the player a rigid upper for maximum eye protection, while offering a soft flexible lower mandible that allows the player to conform and move easily. Unrivaled Revo soft ears and a removable visor are also standard on all Proflex models.

JT® Cargo Pants
One of the most popular paintball pants is back. The JT Cargo Pants have all the necessary features to protect you from all the harshest conditions. From the adjustable waist to ensure a tight fit and padded knees, to the draw string leg cuffs. The dual cargo pockets with the famous JT pocket just for your squeegee make these pants versatile and perfect for all types of play.

JT® Tournament Jersey
JT Paintball decided to get back to the basics with the JT Tournament Jersey. Lightweight, comfortable and breathable with padding in all the right places makes this the ultimate jersey for all levels of play.

Sponsored Team Tech Tee and Shorts
Empire All In Factory Team Shirt and Shorts sublimated on high quality, light weight, breathable materials.

Sponsored Team Banner
Each Team will receive an Empire All In Factory Team Banner to be displayed at events and most importantly on the podium

Additional Package Perks

Customizable Jersey
We offer the ability to customize any of our jerseys to your own style and attitude. From custom colors, logos names and numbers we can do it all! These are 100% the same high end materials, padding, and meshes used in our production pro model jerseys.

Coaching and Clinics from Some of the Best in Professional Paintball
Empire All In teams have access to support from our Empire Professional players. Teams can have our Pros come out to their local field for an Empire All In clinic! For more information on this contact your local Empire field or store.

Access to VIP Area
We take care of our teams on AND off the field. Empire All In teams have access to our shaded VIP staging area behind the Empire booth at all national events.

Discounted Products and Add-Ons
Beyond purchasing a sponsorship package at a huge discount, sponsored teams have access to discounts on any other Empire products (discount amount based on your sponsorship level).