Empire has collaborated with Recon Instruments and Intel to offer the first Heads Up Display designed specifically for paintball.
The powerful dual-core computer provides networking capabilities and delivers personalized information using the built-in 9-axis sensors directly to your line-of-sight.

HD Display

An ultra-compact HD Display with high contrast and brightness for readability and use, even in strong ambient light. The Widescreen 16:9 WQVGA ultra-compact LCD Display has a resolution of 428×240 and High Color 16-bit (5:6:5) image for clear and crisp visibility.

Virtual Image

The screen size to your eye is equivalent to looking at 14-inch image from 5ft away. The design ensures that your eye does not need to refocus to view the HUD, meaning it will not be a distraction when not looking directly at the screen.

Unobtrusive View

The HUD will not obstruct your primary view and hides in the periphery of your vision while allowing a full 84° vertical visibility and nominally reduced horizontal visibility.


The built-in GPS shows your location and can be paired with a field-specific map to locate individual playing fields, Chrono stations, and more points of interest. The onboard compass will aid in navigation and when using the Engage App, you can use the Buddy Tracking function to see real-time movement of your associates.

D-Pad Controls

Use the Bluetooth-linked wrist Directional Pad to access the menus and functions of the HUD. The multi-directional remote even works with gloves to allow easy navigation through the HUD, allowing you to move the cursor through maps, select items and move forward or backwards through the screen selections.


The built-in GPS enables navigation when paired with a compatible Android or iOS device. Paintball Fields will provide maps of their fields for download to easily navigate the field, know your location, and locate points of interest. You can even build your own maps for you and your buddies to use at a personal field.

Buddy Tracking

Locate and track your connected buddies utilizing the Recon Engage App. Choose which friends to track and see their real-time movements as they shift locations.


A built-in compass keeps you oriented and dynamically displays your friends’ positions relative to yours at the resort. Use the compass with the maps and GPS to navigate to field objectives during scenario games.

Watch the Video

You will need to download the ENGAGE App


The Empire H.U.D. connects to your iOS or Android phone using the Recon ENGAGE App.
This connectivity keeps gives you access to Phone Calls, Text-Messages, Music Controls and more all controlled with the user-friendly D-Pad.


With the Engage website and mobile Apps, you can download and process data that the HUD has recorded, and even instantly share the experience through your social media accounts.

Performance Stats

The onboard sensors can track vital information and display as needed. Speed, distance covered and navigation will allow you to maneuver effectively on the field.

Marker Connectivity

Apps from Empire will allow a Bluetooth connection to some markers, permitting setting changes and information exchanges that would be visible in the HUD.

Camera Connectivity

An action camera (GoPro, Contour) can be connected to your HUD through downloadable Apps. A live feed from the camera can be displayed on the HUD and an extensive range of camera controls can be accessed using the Bluetooth wrist remote.

Phone Control

The Bluetooth connected wrist remote can navigate your iOS or Android smartphone functions, allowing you to receive and read texts, view caller ID, answer or ignore phone calls, and control your music player.