Empire EVS hits it big in Vegas

LA Infamous take the Empire EVS Goggle for a spin at the NXL Vegas Open

Empire Paintball had their newest goggle offering take some games at the NXL Vegas Open this past weekend. There is no better proving ground for a product than the real-life environment of tournament paintball played at its highest level.

Empire geared up Brad McCurley, Kevin “Kali” Rudulph, Damian Ryan and coach Travis Lemaski of LA Infamous to put the EVS through the workout of true, high-level, tournament paintball. Infamous was able to battle through the ranks to make “SUNDAY Paintball” and played into the Semi-Finals against San Diego Dynasty, where the goggle performed perfectly. The responses from the players was overwhelmingly positive, with them commenting on the improved comfort and amazing field of vision. Now, we know those players may come off as biased since they work for Empire Paintball, so . . . we had a few guys in the pits test it out and here are some quick responses:


Kyle Pilewski | Wolfpack #27
“The comfort and field of view this mask offers is incredible. You might forget that you’re actually wearing it when you’re out playing!”

Harrison Frye | New York Outlaws
"The first thing I noticed was the HUGE field of vision! In a game, paint can come from any direction. Having a wide angle of sight can save you in many game situations."

Arslan Hussain | New York Outlaws
“Great fitting mask. Vision is very incredible feels like your not even wearing a mask cause of how light it is and that you don’t see any on the mask when wearing it. Selling point to me would be vision of mask.”


    Damian Ryan | LA Infamous
    "The EVS Goggle is one of my favorite new products in the last decade. The field of vision is amazing, It’s something that I’ve never experienced before. I am looking forward to wearing these goggles for years to come."



    Brad McCurley | LA Infamous
    "I absolutely loved the new EVS goggle! The first things I noticed immediately were how comfortable the foam is and how large my field of vision was! I could see more going on with the wider viewpoint and feel at an advantage by allowing more use of my peripheral vision. I felt more comfortable on the field with the smaller, sleeker profile; leaving me less exposed. And they well withstood the test of breathing, talking, and fogging as we played every point on Sunday without a single problem!"



    Kevin "Kali" Rudulph | LA Infamous
    "The EVS Goggle really blew my mind. The 3 layer foam is hands down the most comfortable foam I have ever used. The lens removal system is the fastest I have used, with 0 removable small parts to drop and lose on the ground. The field of vision is HUGE with almost nothing getting in your line of site.. Aside from all that…this goggle just looks bad ass!"

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