Empire All In Pro Day

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Empire® All In


Your chance to test the best gear head-to-toe and judge for yourself.

Empire Paintball® brings you a brand new opportunity, unlike anything the sport has ever seen. Every year major companies release brand new products that everyone wants to get their hands on. The Empire All In Pro Day allows you test our newest products, for the day, from head to toe. You can test the best! Your Pro Day will include a series of drills set up and run by our professional players to test your skills. Our pros will walk you through each and every product and explain the all of the benefits our All In sponsorship program has to offer you and your team!

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Hosted by CPX Sports

The event will be hosted by the world famous CPX Sports at their brand new indoor facility!

Entry is $100 per person and will include a case of paint and a brand new e-Flex that is yours to keep! This is definitely an opportunity you do not want to miss out on!

There are limited spots available so sign up now before it’s too late!



The new vanquish has a re-designed body that hides hardware, offers a refined sculpted look, and incorporates a slick push button bolt removal. It also has a new snappier trigger, more reliable eye system, no-wires battery connection between frame and body, and a new barrel with 7.5″ control bores. We know it is the best paintball marker available. Put one in your hands and you’ll know it too.


The Axe PRO is battle-hardened for warfare. Our R&D team took the original Axe and tweaked, refined, and re-designed it to create its new badass big brother. The improved ergonomics makes it feel better in your hands, and the Redline OLED board gives the Axe PRO a bigger brain. It’s easier to maintain due to the push button bolt removal system, accessible eyes, and only 2 hex wrenches needed for adjustments. The Axe PRO also includes improved waterproofing, compact-relay ASA, new trigger and trigger guard, better clamping feedneck, and accurate two-piece Driver XX barrel.


The Empire CONTACT F5 jersey has been entirely re-designed to create an unmatched combination of style and thermoregulation performance. Empire’s engineered EM-Dri panels take into account spatial distribution of heat and moisture in different parts of the body. They regulate the airflow and sweat, making the CONTACT F5 the most comfortable, lightweight and breathable paintball jersey available. EM-Dri encourages the utmost airflow, keeping the player cool while heating up the field. Forearm, rib and shoulder bio-foam padding protects players from the impacts of sliding, diving or incoming paintballs. Integrated bio-foam lycra gloves keep the CONTACT F5 jersey’s sleeves locked in place, and the perforated Clarino™ leather palm saves you from turf burn. Stop searching, because you’re looking at the very best jersey in paintball.


Four years ago, we polled our top teams and heard one resounding request in a paintball jersey – “less weight, more venting, same great protection.” The Empire F5 Contact Zero jersey for 2015 is a lighter, less constricting paintball jersey designed to help keep you cool, comfortable, and unimpeded in the heat and humidity of the season. Four types of mesh ventilation at the front and rear of the jersey encourage massive air movement and wicks moisture away. In 2015 we added 3 zones of Laser cut ventilation holes for maximum airflow. The tuf-mesh elbows are not only abrasion resistant but breathe to allow for a truly durable jersey no matter how light and breathable it feels.


We polled our top teams and heard one resounding request in a paintball pant – “less weight, more venting, same great protection.” The 2015 Empire F5 Contact Zero pants are lighter, less constricting paintball pants designed to help keep you cool, comfortable, and unimpeded in the heat and humidity of the season. The main body material is 100% laser perforated for ventilation at the front and rear of the pant that encourages massive air movement and helps wick moisture away. Adjustable ankles and waist allow for a truly custom fit while nylon padded knees keep you safe no matter how hard you slide in. There is no need to look any further. You have found the best pants in paintball.


30%. That’s the weight savings the new Empire Ultra tank has over its predecessor. Weighing in at a feather-light 2lbs, you won’t even realize this tank is there. We paired it with our tried and true Empire regulator. This proven workhorse reg is easily serviceable, with rock steady consistent air flow. The Ultra is the tank that takes you to the podium.


The Empire Compressor Pack FT carries your pods in comfort and style with all the innovative features you’ve come to expect from Empire! The pack is built to cinch down on any amount of pods you might carry. A neoprene heat molded strap locks down over top of the entire pack securing all the pods in place. Heavy-duty construction makes the empire compressor pack ultra-durable and easy to clean even after a day on the field. Lumbar hex padding helps keep the harness in place during play and elastic bands rocket pods into the wearer’s hand to reduce reload time! Faster players or those playing mid-field can stay light with four pods, while back-men or woodsball players can roll into combat with 11 pods. Any configuration can be compressed down!

The Empire Action Pack harness can carry all the paint you need to get you through anything from quick points inside the net to long hours spent creeping in the brush. A no-slip lumbar pad keeps this pack exactly where you put it. Four pods are plenty for quick points or playing up front in the snake, but for longer games or woodsball events, get a big tank and haul 11 pods out there!


The Prophecy Z2 Loader performs all the adjustments so you don’t have to. In the blink of an eye, the Prophecy Z2 will have performed more proactive measures than any other loader ever created. It’s the most advanced, easiest to use feeding system ever designed. Made of super strong-reinforced composites combined with its ultra-lightweight design and a low profile, the Z2 will supercharge every player’s game.