Empire All In teams are the foundation of the Empire Family. It is this family that acts as one unit and support system for one another. Not only do they have the drive to do whatever it takes to win, but they understand the importance of growing paintball. This family atmosphere, coupled with the most dedicated company, allows our players to be ambassadors of both Empire and the sport we all love.

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In 2012, Travis Lemanski, owner of Infamous, revived the team with young and hungry players from the mid-west. The players joining the Infamous family came from a camp that had been struggling for some time. These players were hungry to win and put in the extra effort to prove they had what it takes to win at a high level. Many thought a team rebuilding with more than half their players would take time to gel and that winning a pro event was out of their reach. Plus, the team had picked up players from a camp that wasn’t winning before so why would they win now? Infamous was able to silence the haters by taking 1st at the PSP AND NPPL Chicago open at their home field, CPX Sports. Infamous followed this up by a narrow 2nd place at the PSP Mid-Atlantic Open and missed making the finals at PSP World Cup by one point.

Established In: 2005

Home Field: CPX Paintball Park
Infamous Video 1


The BiPolar Trailer after PSP Dallas

Infamous Video 2


The final match, Infamous wins!

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Retail Price: $1499.95

The next-generation Vanquish has arrived. Empire’s crown jewel is the epitome of luxury. The new vanquish sports a re-designed body that hides hardware, offers a sculpted more refined look, incorporates a slick push button bolt removal, and a new 14″ Driver tm barrel with 3 7.” Control backs.

Contact Zero Jersey

Retail Price: $89.95

The Contact Zero jersey has been entirely re-designed. It is created by and for top paintball teams, culminating in an unmatched combination of style and thermoregulation performance features. Empire engineered “E-Mesh” panels are designed to take into account spatial distribution of heat and moisture in different parts of the body and regulate the airflow and moisture, making the Contact Zero the most comfortable, lightweight, and breathable paintball jersey available.


Retail Price: $169.95

We polled our top teams and heard one resounding request in a paintball pant – “less weight, more venting, same great protection.” The 2014 Empire FT Contact Zero pants are lighter, less constricting pants designed to help keep you cool, comfortable and unimpeded in the season’s heat and humidity. The main body material is laser perforated for ventilation at the front and rear of the pant that encourages massive air movement and helps wick away moisture. Adjustable ankles and waist allow for a truly custom fit while plenty of knee padding keeps you safe no matter how hard you slide in.

Driver XX Barrel

Retail Price: $59.95

The Empire Driver XX barrel is a great choice to upgrade your stock marker barrel. The long 7.5 inch control bore provides more stability during the early flight of the paintball giving you more accuracy. As an added bonus, the back section is compatible with Empire Pipe barrel backs which gives you the option of matching the ball diameter to the barrel back for added accuracy and efficiency.


Retail Price: $109.95

Combining the best features of the Empire® E-Vent and JT ProFlex paintball goggles, Empire Paintball has created the e-Flex goggle system. The Empire e-Flex comes with the proven Vents quick change lens system and thermo-foam ear pieces from the E-Vent paintball mask and mated it with the flexible skirt of the ProFlex with comfy Spectra foam. The lens removes in seconds, and the clear, dual-pane design provides maximum viewing angle and visual clarity while the foam assures the most satisfying fit. The ultra soft and flexible skirt offers excellent breathability and voice projection and has been tweaked to produce a smaller profile. The Empire e-Flex Goggle provides you with maximum comfort, super light weight, superior optics and excellent protection…simply put, BEST IN CLASS!


Retail Price: $199.95

The ideal gear bag for the travelling paintball player who needs to carry it all but keep it mobile, the Empire Transit Bag can handle it! It has a hard shell molded EVA goggle protector pocket. Perfect for protecting your flex goggles from being crushed or even your favorite hat. Durable wheels and a comfortable telescoping handle allow a player to take this paintball gear bag and all their equipment through any airport or parking lot, no matter what the terrain.


Retail Price: $59.95

Durable, form-fitting and built to last, the Empire Action Pack paintball harness can carry all the paint you need to get you through anything from quick points inside the net to long hours spent creeping in the brush. A no-slip lumbar pad keeps this pack exactly where you put it. Four pods are plenty for quick points or playing up front in the snake, but for longer games or woodsball events, get a big tank and haul 11 pods out there!

Ultra Tank

Retail Price: $199.95

This system has been turbocharged with the addition of the Pure Energy Reactor II Regulator. Pure Energy has taken the legendary performance and reliability of the Reactor II and improved on it by as much as 20% while the weight has been dramatically reduced 35%. The redesigned cylinders for these new systems offer more capacity with up to a 15% reduction in weight. Pure Energy…the safest, most reliable air systems in the world!

Grind THT Elbow Pad

Retail Price: $64.95

Empire Grind THT paintball elbow pads were designed and built to help the very best players in the game lay it all out there. Thanks to input from top professional players, from Dynasty and Infamous, Empire Grind THT paintball elbow pads feature the very best combination of elbow and forearm protection on the market while providing ventilation and a compression fit for comfort and a truly custom feel. Go hard, dive in, and feed it to your opponents point after point with Empire Grind THT paintball elbow pads!

Prophecy Z2

Retail Price: $169.95

The Prophecy Z2 the most advanced and easiest to use feeding system ever designed. The Z2 performs more proactive measures than any other loader by continuously monitoring drive force, rate of fire, and automatically clearing any jam before you have a chance to miss that perfect shot. Made from super strong-reinforced composites combined with its ultra-lightweight design and low profile, the Z2 will benefit every player’s game.