Getting Started

This section will walk you through getting your Empire HUD Setup.

STEP 1 – Charge the HUD

Charge the HUD using the micro-USB cord connected to the HUD near the Power button.

STEP 2 – Connect the HUD

Connect the HUD to the PC (Windows or Mac) using the USB cord.

STEP 3 – Power up

Locate the Power button on the HUD. Hold the Power button until the Blue logo illuminates.

STEP 4 – Activate

The HUD screen will state “ACTIVATE YOUR DEVICE”. Once you see “ACTIVATE YOUR DEVICE” move on to STEP 5.

STEP 5 – Recon Registration

Go to recon website reconinstruments Follow the direction as directed on the website. Register a new account or Sign In if you already have one.

STEP 6 – Snow2

Once logged in to your Recon account Click on “AIRWAVE 1.5/SNOW2”.

•  Download and install the Engage app
•  Download and install Uplink
•  Exit browser

STEP 7 – Start Uplink

Open the Start Uplink app that you downloaded
(You may have to unplug and re-plug HUD for it to be recognized)

•  Click on the “Link to Engage” button.
•  When the browser opens, login to you ENGAGE Account
•  Once you login the App should automatically ID your HUD
•  New Empire settings will begin to download automatically
•  HUD will reboot to complete sync

STEP 8 – Success!

New launcher will show Empire apps

How to Upload Custom Maps to your HUD

This section will walk you through uploading field maps to your HUD.

Your First Use

        Open the Field Maps app

        Calibrate compass as instructed

        HUD will download a generic map for current location

Plug HUD in to a PC

      Connect the HUD to a (Windows or Mac) using the USB cord

Locate and Open the HUD

On your computer locate and open the HUD (SNOW2) Application

         (Windows) listed as a drive in File Explorer

         (MAC) Android file transfer (Available from Goggle)

The Paintball Folder

      Find the “Paintball” folder

      Then open “Fields”

      Drag your custom map file (.kml) to this folder

      The HUD will list available field maps, now including your map.

How to Pair the Remote

This is how to pair the D-Pad / Remote to the HUD.

Power the HUD

With HUD power on press any remote button.

Pairing prompt

The HUD will ask if you want to pair.


Press any button on wrist to confirm.

Successfully Paired

Your D-Pad remote is successfully paired to the Empire HUD.

Adding new Apps

This section will show you how to add additional Apps to your HUD

Plug in the HUD

Connect the HUD to the PC (Windows or Mac) using a USB cord

Navigate to the Engage Website

Go to the Engage website using your browser (

Choose App Center

Under DEVICES, place your mouse on the dropdown menu, and click on App Center

Download the App

Get/download the new App of your choice


Install the App to your computer


Open the Recon Uplink app and sync to your HUD